Linzi McGivern
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Colour: Octarine (the colour of magic, Terry Pratchett)

Book: Lester at the Seaside, Quintin Blake 1975

Movie: Bionical: Mask of Light

Quote: “Snotta chocklush snik-snak, issa cack-cack” from how to train your Viking by toothless the dragon.

Food: Tatters & Onions

Song: No Alarms, Radiohead.

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Linzi McGivern studied Fashion and Textiles at Demontfort university, majoring in Surface Decoration. She graduated in 1991 with a BA (hons) degree.


After initially working in textiles, she began designing for the greetings industry, producing hand painted artwork. More recently she has been using photoshop in her work. Drawing inspiration from trends in fashion and textiles, nature and books.


She now lives in Shropshire with her son,working from a home studio. When not working she can be found doing all the usual activities that will entertain a five year old, walking, cycling, swimming, you name it, the list is endless!

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