Jane Dodds
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Movie: Se7en or The Incredibles

Book: A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson
Food: Christmas Dinner
TV: West Wing, ER, Six Feet Under………..
Phrase: ‘What goes around, comes around’.
Things: Drawing & painting, Bike rides, Running (not very well or very fast, but you get points for trying, right!), Dog walks,  Taekwondo and boxercise (be afraid : ) Old books, Busy coffee shops, Girly chats, Intense Lego sessions, Guitar music while I work. 
Artists: Charley Harper, Shaun Tan, Miroslav Sasek, David Gentleman,
David Hughes, Dave McKean, Sara Midda, Mairi Hedderwick …………


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I have enjoyed a varied 20 year career split between Teaching and Illustration. One feeds the other as they say. I have always drawn and used sketchbooks. Manchester Uni inspired my love of all things Illustration, I’ve not looked back since.

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